Total Knee & Hip Replacement Surgeon

About Dr. Amrut Borade

Dr. Amrut Borade is a trusted, patient-focused and experienced orthopedic surgeon with years of experience in serving patients by successfully diagnosing, treating and managing their musculoskeletal diseases. He has hands-on experience in performing various orthopedic surgeries including Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery, Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Joint Reconstruction, Knee & Shoulder Arthroscopy and Orthopedic Trauma Surgery. Dr. Borade have comprehensive knowledge of clinical and operative orthopedics. He has experience of working as a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, representing the surgical department, maintaining departmental standards, investigating complaints and recruiting new staff members. He is well versed with the latest surgical techniques, treatment modalities and advancements. He is a result-oriented individual with strong analytical, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.

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